The Streets of Downtown Utica's CoLa Neighborhood

Downtown's are roaring back, they're repopulating and Downtown Utica is no different.

Here are the names and stories behind the names of CoLa streets, boulevards, avenues, lanes, the "ROW's", and alleyways. Some have been erased, and others have taken on new identities- while others are posed for revitalization. The process is not expensive and many are ready to act...

The Arterial

The Arterial, otherwise known as Routes 5, 8 & 12 - This newly enhanced transportation artery creates CoLa's western border. The final touches are...

Oriskany Boulevard

Oriskany Boulevard - is CoLa's northern border...

Court Street

Court Street - Positioned to the south running from the Arterial towards Genesee Street...

State Street

State Street - Running north-south, State Street connects CoLa's to the Artial (Routes 5, 8 & 12) down to it's southern terminus in Oneida Square area...

Washington Street

Washington Street - Washington Street in CoLa's runs north-south, but is a single block long. At the north it crosses Oriskany Boulevard connecting our neighborhood to Bagg's Square West area. The southern terminus dead ends on Lafayette Street. If walking, this directional route becomes a meandering sidewalk (Madison Lane?) between the Utica National Building and the Landmarc Building.


Broadway - Defining a three block group within CoLa's, Broadway runs from Oriskany Boulevard at the north, towards Court Street where it's southern terminus is located behind the Fort Schuyler Club and at the corner location of Bosnian Islamic Mosque.

Cornelia Street

Cornelia Street - Like Broadway, Cornelia runs three blocks within neighborhood. Running from Oriskany Boulevard at the north, to CoLa's southern border intersecting at Court Street. .

Carton Lane

Carton Lane - CoLa's .

Sayer Alley

Sayer Alley - CoLa's .

Pine Street

Pine Street - CoLa's .

Madison Lane

Madison Lane - CoLa's .

R.O.W. at Kennedy Apartments

ROW - CoLa's .

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We're not opposed to a new hospital, just do not bulldoze Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood... "Build It At St. Luke's!"

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