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June 14, 2021 - As the Utica-area remains hopeful for a new chip-fab company or companies, downtown should prepare for another wave of growth. Utica needs every historic building, street, alley, and neighborhood to support the next wave of; residents, property developers, young professionals, urban dwellers, new startups, tourists, and now those of The Wynn Hospital!

Numerous articles can be found about the popularity of urban living. For example in Atlanta, "...as the massive Millennial generation came of age in the early 2000s—and especially after the 2008 housing crisis—being an urbanite became cool again." Utica may have lagged, but has also seen this trend too, let's keep it going!

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The CoLa Neighborhood offers great buildings to redevelop, setup in, and a cool downtown to experience - maybe even to live in - let's prepare! Especially since Utica is already home of the Oneida County Medical District. Connect with BUD on Facebook and Twitter.

BUD wants to work with City of Utica, New York State and the Federal Government, as well as other Utica Neighborhoods to develop increased connectedness. The Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood offers greater value; to businesses (current and future), tourists, as well as those seeking an urban living if Redeveloped Is More Organic - as opposed to a large, out-of-scale, medical complex - BUD has a different Vision. We feel it's imperative to protect the historic street grid and Historic Buildings Also 40+ existing businesses, which are A Lot To Lose should someone just plan to bulldoze them:

1. Park Outdoor Advertising

2. Compassion Coalition Inc

3. Compassion Coalition & Your Bargain Grocer (YBG)

4. Maugeri's Auto Body

5. ABC ChemDry

6. Bengee's Tavern

7. Clemente Novelties Inc

8. Citation Services

9. Columbia Place Associates LLC

10. Dataflow

11. The former Dental Systems Group For Sale: $299,000, was first listed for $338,000

12. Schmalz Mechanical Contractors

13. Formerly home to Labor Ready, now a thriving Enterprise Car Rental

14. Eggers Caryl & Corrigan Inc

15. Elite Envy Salon & Spa

16. Dacobe Enterprises LLC

17. UAP Engine Rebuilders

18. N-Hance

19. Kelly's closet

20. Plaza Deli

21. Iglesia Del Dios Altisimo (Church of the Most High God)

22. John Bosco House

23. Rockford Auto Glass

24. Pete's Auto Parts

25. H.J. Brandeles Corporation

26. Fisher Auto Parts

27. J.P. O'Brien Plumbing & Heating

28. The Salvation Army

29. Turning Point Church

30. Wilcor International

31. Teasers II

32. Mohawk Hospital Equipment Inc / Mohawk Healthcare

33. Nu-Look Cabinet Refacing

34. North Country Books

35. Urbanik's Paint & Wallpaper Co Inc

36. Resource Center for Independent Living

37. The Columbia Bar is closed, consider opening it up and help the Brewery District grow further...

38. The Utica Police Department Newly expanded police campus, millions spent as part of the Gateway Project, but the hospital might take it all and bulldoze it...

39. Utica City Courts Hospital might also take this building...

40. Metzler Print Inc (on Google Maps), a multi-generational printer is solid, Erie canal-era, brick building, boarding alleyway that connects Columbia and Lafayette Streets.

41. Empire Bath & Kitchen Inc Not within current footprint, but then again reports or disclosure as to exact footprint have never been fully documented amid changing headlines and stories.

Warning: Downtown Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood Could Be Bulldozed!

These business should be considered very valuable city assets. It bears repeating, as one guy in City Hall recently said, We Have A Lot To Lose We'd love to hear from you, please E-mail Us

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