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2021 Update

Reading portions of our legacy website below and elsewhere one will understand that BUD was advocating for a new Utica hospital at Utica's Oneida County Medical District. Our belief was the Columbia-Lafayette Neigborhood was too important not to preserve.

However now that The Wynn Hospital has arrived, and while key historical assets remain, we're advocating for what we call the Wynn-BUD Initiative. Utica's history is truly valuble and can be leveraged to improve our emerging Wynn Hospital neighborhood.

Our vision offers; (1) provides increased hospital access with; an additional and larger paitent drop-off area, (2) relocates a parking garage that places the helipad closer to EMS arrival point, (3) puts a "roof" over emergency arrival areas, plus puts covered parking directly connected to hospital, (4) increases visible of hospital and the front door, while (5) adding usable green space, (6) offers multiple, authentically Utica, historical attractions adjacent to hospital, that (7) better integrates hospital with surrounding neighborhoods . Learn More


Our vision takes our Historical Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood; the small businesses, buildings, lots, streets and alleys, and elevates them all. BUD will protect and enhances this portion of downtown's Central Business District; improving the already great connectivity we offer Downtown Utica's various Neighborhoods surrounding us.

As Utica Common Council President has stated, "Downtown Utica has A Lot To Lose". Mr Galime's statement was followed-up by property and business owner, William Corrigan's, "A Better Downtown Utica".

Downtown is returning thanks to lots of small projects, and key building redevelopments, the next phase is more of the same...

BUD Says: "You will see how the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood will be further developed to become a more desirable place to do business, visit, and live. You'll learn how we will work with other Utica Neighborhoods to develop increased connectedness."

As time goes by and our vision is acted upon, Downtown Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood will offer great urban living options:

⬛ Help add to the population of downtown residents, as we advocate for a Downtown Urgent Care, as well aa a CoLa Neighborhood Drugstore! These are building blocks that Downtown Utica's taxbase and residents need and want!

⬛ Stroll with a drink from Bite Bakery to the Varick Street Brewery District

⬛ Purchase a Condo, setup your Downtown Utica home, enjoy walks to the bank, restaurants, shows, the office, and or complete day-to-day business in the government district, or other Downtown Utica Neighborhoods.

⬛ Visit a park and do some shopping.

⬛ Enjoy early morning coffee at Utica Roasters, then walk with visiting friends to Varick Street to take-in a Saranac Brewery Tour

⬛ Rent an office, rent a loft, or both!

⬛ Buy an Old Historic Building, create a new first floor shop, upper-floor offices, a loft... or all three! Consider the Haberer Building.

⬛ Encourage your visiting guests to stay at the neighborhood's grand Hotel Utica, walk over to meet them, sit in the Magnificent Lobby then head out for dinner.

⬛ Purchase a vacant building, get our help funding its Adaptive Reuse!

⬛ Drive to Varick Street for a pre-dinner drink, walk to and back after a Landmarc Seafood Dinner

⬛ Exit your historic urban townhouse in the Columbia-Lafayette neighborhood, walk to the Stanley Theater for a show, or spend an afteroon seeing a Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute film or Gallery Exhibit

⬛ Walk your dog, or ride your bike, from your Columbia-Lafayette loft and grab lunch on Bank Place at Tariks Bakery & Coffee Shop

⬛ Jump on a bus, or CoLa-based trolley service, for a tour of Utica's rich heritage. It's underway in Cooperstown.

⬛ Leave your apartment or loft on Sunday morning, make a quick walk to worship at; St. Matthew's Temple or St Joseph & St Patrick Church or Historic Grace Church or Bosnian Islamic Association of Utica or other Downtown Utica institution.

⬛ Live in our up-and-coming Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood (one option is ready today, at Lofts At 502) and then one day walk over to visit family or friends living and or working at the Lofts At Globe Mill

⬛ Study the history of the Erie Canal, early residents, and Utica's first businesses.

⬛ Pack a suitcase and roll it over to Union Station where you can catch a train; Lake Shore Limited, West To: Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo or Chicago... or Empire Service to NYC or Boston or north to the Adirondacks

⬛ Come early, catch dinner at an Italian resturant and then a Concert or a Hockey Game at the Utica AUD.

Urban living has many benefits that are attractive to young professionals, empty nesters, and older residents alike. We're BUD, and we're here to help you understand the benefits, and how you can help us to create a Better Utica Downtown.

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