Downtown Utica Neighborhoods

Links to Downtown Utica's neighborhhods; Arts District, Varick Street Brewery District, Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, Bagg's Square, Genesee Business Corridor, Harbor Point and the Bleecker-Mohawk.

The City of Utica created a Master Plan and a "Gateway Histrocic Canal District" was designated. A "Loft Study" and "Upper Floors" (1 & 2) were promoted. "Main Streets" were celebrated and promoted by Downtown Utica Development Association (DUDA), and then Cornell-sponsored Rust2Green came to town.

We've seen Bagg's Square and then a New Downtown, become newly branded! The Investments & Developments are hugely visable! Plus the Varick Street Brewery District is rolling forward, and there's also our Arts District, the Genesee Business Corridor, and Harbor Point too!

What Utica needs is a legally binding commitment to a plan. One that Completly Brands ALL Of Utica, backed by a significant marketing budget campiagn, and one not subject to changing administrations nor developer influeneces.

We're not opposed to a new hospital, just do not bulldoze Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood... "Build It At St. Luke's!"

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