Bagg's Square

People and businesses have been investing in Downtown Utica all along. Some have lasted generations, others sadly came and went, but others are taking measured steps.

Below are stories of Bagg's Square and we'll link to other neighborhoods that all want and see a Better Utica Downtown.

Brett Truett: 10-12 Liberty Street. In addition to a private residence, 10-12 Liberty Street in Bagg's Square will be home to a membership organization called the Colabratory. Here a space for "creative types" has been taking shape...

In addition to the Colabratory, this Erie Canal-era property will house the Liberty Street Art Galley...

Bagg's Square is slowly developing, but our long-term possibilities are huge...

BetterUticaDowntown (BUD) Says: "You will see how the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood will be further developed to Become a more desirable place to do business, visit, and live. You'll learn how we will work with other Utica Neighborhoods to develop increased contentedness"

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