The Jones Building

336-338 Columbia Street
Utica, NY 13502

The Jones Building, or 336 Columbia Street, was built in the 1890's. This building is the most "far-gone" structure in the CoLa Neighborhood.

Downtown Utica, NY: Jones Building

It therefore is the building offering the greatest message. With this building is saved, then this neighborhood - in the middle of it all - will surly signal the Whole Neighborhood can be transformed!

On August 22, 2016 this newspaper story, Are historic buildings in downtown hospital site worth saving?, carried a picture of the Jones Building. Immediately to the East is the adjoining Haberer Building.

The following picture was taken January 28, 2018 from the back of the property...

Have a look from Google Maps, The Roof Has Collapsed! However, this building can be saved. Just look at the Bank of Utica for inspiration. They dismantled the facade of one building, brick-by-brick, and added a glass front with a steel and glass-clad tower. However, they saved the back wall (add picture). Similarly the Jones Building can be save and thoughtfully redeveloped.

For example, here is a city block that looked lost, but was saved and is part of a reemerging downtown...

The above picture is just east of Utica's "Busy Corner", it's the 200 of Bleecker Street opposite St. John's Church.

Brett Truett writes A Letter To Mayor Palmeiri. He seeks to help rebuild the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, one step is the four story structure called the Jones Building.

Another story mentions the Jones Building. Rightly calling it part of the "Jones/Haberer building", in this article, Are historic buildings in downtown hospital site worth saving?, that states:

"In a time when a new hospital might be built in downtown Utica, an area many believe contains historic structures — such as the Jones/Haberer building on the 300 block of Columbia Street — city officials are being asked to consider the importance of those buildings and weigh it against the need for a hospital within the city."

It is the belief of many, that downtown can be made a very Vibrant Place again, and the huge hospital district is not a solution.

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Tax Map Documented Structures, Uses [Ref.]

When Utica was an early settlement, the addresses were "36" and "68", and later became 336-338.

1883 1884 1888 1925 1952
(null) 36 Columbia
68 Columbia
336-338 Columbia
36 Columbia Dwelling, 2-stories Saloon, 2-stories Saloon, 4-stories (null)

July 31, 1964 - In a photo of Urban Renewal Project Area No. 1, The Jones Building is home to the "Columbia Market.". This image was taken after the city had cleared 22 acres. Private development was scheduled, but never occured and business started leaving downtown.

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