BUD Forecasts: "C" For Downtown Condo Living!

Today BUD represents new ideas, a new vision for Downtown Utica. And BUD is posed to carry them out. We will protect our 40 existing businesses, our Historic Buildings, the Downtown Utica street grid, and as we do Utica will be onto much bigger things.

Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood is prime real estate. BUD says, convert a couple empty lots like these below....

... and build a condo development! BUD will become, find and inspired real estate investors and investments. Downtown Utica would net a Condo full of new - taxpaying - residents! Easy walk to great downtown assets, surface parking or perhaps basement parking! BUD imagines people living downtown in a 24-7 neighborhood. Shown in the example above is a condo complex matching the footprint of Utica's "Genesee Courts". BUD will investigate an updated version with modern amenities, and a format suitable to such a location and parcel.

Know someone ready for such a residence? We do, and BUD can put you in-touch with people now living in Genesee Courts. Per this Utica Oberserver-Dispatch article, Genesee Court: Utica’s hidden gem, we believe such a condo will fill quickly; the community has already embraced new energy and is primed for more great possibilities.

Now home to 40 businesses, the Columbia-Lafayette Streets can also become an inspiring, sought-after, neighborhood! The key to Downtown Utica economic development is many more residents, those that go to work and come home at 5pm. They will make the city vibrant.

New downtown residents are ready to be apart of things like the, Multi-million Dollar AUD Upgrades, and the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Utica Grand Opening.

Think it can't happen in Utica? Well you need to read about Detroit, yes Detroit, Downtown Detroit sales prices rise to 'insane' levels

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