Lafayette Street

One of the "Streets", past and present, of Downtown Utica's CoLa Neighborhood.

Records indicate that Lafayette Street was listed in 1842. It ran from Whitesboro Street in West Utica, to Genesee Street.

Other records indicate Fayette Street was listed in 1855-56, also running from Whitesboro Street to Genesee Street. And yet another record offers; "Lafayette Street, previously named Fayette Street, was renamed in honor of General Marquis de Lafayette whose carriage rolled down this thorough fare in 1825. The General, traveling from a canal boat landing in Whitesboro to a luncheon held at the Bagg’s Hotel in his honor. Lafayette was touring the newly opened engineering marvel, the Erie Canal."

1824 - Grand tour of the United States "President James Monroe and Congress invited Lafayette to visit the United States in 1824, in part to celebrate the nation's upcoming 50th anniversary... he went generally northeast, viewing Niagara Falls and taking the Erie Canal to Albany, considered a modern marvel.

September 27, 2018 - Arterial bridge painting over Lafayette Street between Varick and State Streets...

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