Utica Police Department Campus

Utica Police Department
413 Oriskany Street, West,
Utica, NY 13502

The stories are mixed, the reporting is mixed. Various development maps show Utica's police station bulldozed, and others show it remaining however crowded by a large hospital district.

January 1, 2017 - Police station opens new $280,000 Crime Analysis Center...

History Note, Year 2007: The Utica Police Station is renamed the "Benny D. Rotunda Public Safety Building".

History Note, Year 2005: The Utica Police Department expoanded by adding the department's "Fleet Maintenance Facility"as part of the Gateway Historic Canal District Revitalization Plan". The construction included additiuonal parking with an area for inpounded vehicles. Now located on land just west of police station and once occupied from 1839 to 1896 by; the Utica Foundry, a lumber yard, Hart & Crouse Company, and the Germania Hotel.

History Note, Year 1997: New Utica City Courts built as free standing building east adjoining police station.

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History Note, Year 1836: Photograph of the Utica Police Station & Courts, 1928

History Note, Year 1836: "Current police station built on Oriskany Street West (bed of Erie Canal filled in 1924) and Pine Street (now W.D. Chapman Drive) to replace Pearl St. station which was demolished in 1934 for city hall employee parking. Site was home of a sash & blind factory and a cordwainer’s (shoemaker) shop according to an 1839 map of Utica. The new building was designed in the Gothic Revival style popular for institutional buildings at the time by architect Charles Kiehm with the Utica firm of Agne, Rushmer & Jennison (ARJ). The original crowning, crenellated parapet wall was simplified sometime in the mid 1900s. The structure included two Utica City court rooms, judges’ chambers, court administrative offices and a prisoner holding area on the second floor. The actual police operations, administration and investigations unit were located on the basement and first floors. R.G. Lloyd Builders were the contractors. It may have been part of an Olmsted Bros. plan for a consolidated government center including a new expansive city hall which was never executed due to the advent of the Great Depression. Other area building by ARJ architects included 1608 Genesee St. (1915) home of the Oneida County History Center, the Uptown Theater (1928) and 33 Oxford Rd., New Hartford (1932) built as the Oxford Rd elementary school. Police force included 70 members including one female officer."Michael J. Lehman, AIA, The Preservationist, Landmarks Society of Greater Utica, Jan/Feb 2018.

History Note, Year 1836: "Utica Police Force established by combining and coordinating the efforts of the day time constables and night watch. This happened eight years prior to New York City, in response to an extremely cold & snowy winter of 1835-1836 and a concurrent cholera epidemic. This combined force patrolled the streets and provided public safety making Utica one of the first police forces in USA."

We're not opposed to a new hospital, just do not bulldoze Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood... "Build It At St. Luke's!"

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