Cornelia Street

One of the "Streets", past and present, of Downtown Utica's CoLa Neighborhood.

Cornelia Street runs north-to-south for 1,541.80 feet (469.94 meters) in CoLa, connecting Court Street (south end) to Oriskany Street at the north end.

This CoLa is named after Cornelia Cooper Graham, a daughter of Appollos Cooper (See Cooper Street). A passage explains Mr. Cooper, an early (1794) land owner of "Old Fort Schuyler", and how naming rights were bestowed upon him...

"Mr. Cooper was also the artificer of Hamilton Oneida Academy, the precursor of Hamilton College. As time rolled on his property increased greatly in value and enabled him to realize all the comforts of a thriving farmer and to bestow upon his children the advantages of an education, which in his own case had been limited to the subscription schools of that period but the value of which he well knew how to estimate. His early location in the county secured to him an extensive acquaintance and no small share of public favor, which was manifested by his appointment at various periods as judge, representative and sheriff, and by his filling many subordinate stations and offices in the place where he lived. If there were differences among his neighbors, Judge Cooper was a man to whom such differences could be referred with all the confidence that a sound head and an honest heart will always command." [Ref.]

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