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A Better Utica Downtown starts by adopting a smarter vision, making a better plan. As the following resources show, bulldozing a historical street grid - businesses and its properties - are not what other cities are doing. An important trend is that people are moving back into cities, but NOT to be near a large medical district.

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Understand use of: Adaptive Reuse

"Adaptive reuse refers to the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than which it was originally designed for. This may include reusing a school building for housing, a factory for office space, or an historic mill for retail, residential and restaurant mixed use."

Research, Studies, Whitepapers

Paper: Rust to Green: Praxis as University-Community Placemaking, by Paula Horrigan, "Rust to Green (R2G) is a civic engagement project with the transformative agenda of catalyzing community-driven placemaking in Upstate New York cities endeavoring to transition from post-industrial “rust” to “green” resiliency."

Research Report: Adaptive Reuse of Historic Industrial Buildings (PDF)

Guidebook Property Reuse & Economic Revitalization: Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties in Legacy Cities (PDF)

Duke Law Whitepaper: Recycling America: Adaptive Reuse in the 21st Century (PDF)

2012 Research Paper: What is the Future of Utica? (PDF)

2009 Master of Arts Thesis, Cornell University: Urban Development & Revitalization Related To City & Regional Politics In Utica, New York (PDF)

2016 Angela Moreno-Long, Cornell University: Sustainable Neighborhood Development & Urban Revitalization in Utica, NY: A Leed-ND Case Study (PDF)

Benchmark Cities

Benchmark: Lancaster, PA (PDF)

Benchmark: Sheboygan, Wisconsin (PDF)

Benchmark: East Village, San Diego, California

Benchmark: Mt. Vernon, New York (PDF)

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Property and business owners in the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood have created "BUD". We are working with other dedicated Utica-area residents for a Better Utica Downtown!

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