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A Better Utica Downtown starts by adopting a smarter vision, making a better plan. As the following resources show, bulldozing a historical street grid - businesses and its properties - are not what other cities are doing. An important trend is that people are moving back into cities, but NOT to be near a large medical district.

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Understand use of: Adaptive Reuse

"Adaptive reuse refers to the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than which it was originally designed for. This may include reusing a school building for housing, a factory for office space, or an historic mill for retail, residential and restaurant mixed use."

Research, Studies, Whitepapers

Paper: Rust to Green: Praxis as University-Community Placemaking, by Paula Horrigan, "Rust to Green (R2G) is a civic engagement project with the transformative agenda of catalyzing community-driven placemaking in Upstate New York cities endeavoring to transition from post-industrial “rust” to “green” resiliency."

Research Report: Adaptive Reuse of Historic Industrial Buildings (PDF)

The 2005, Residential Market Potential, Utica Zimmerman-Volk Study of Downtown Utica

Guidebook Property Reuse & Economic Revitalization: Redeveloping Commercial Vacant Properties in Legacy Cities (PDF)

Duke Law Whitepaper: Recycling America: Adaptive Reuse in the 21st Century (PDF)

2012 Research Paper: What is the Future of Utica? (PDF)

2009 Master of Arts Thesis, Cornell University: Urban Development & Revitalization Related To City & Regional Politics In Utica, New York (PDF)

2016 Angela Moreno-Long, Cornell University: Sustainable Neighborhood Development & Urban Revitalization in Utica, NY: A Leed-ND Case Study (PDF)

Benchmark Cities

Benchmark: Huntington Station, NY

Benchmark: Lancaster, PA (PDF)

Benchmark: Sheboygan, Wisconsin (PDF)

Benchmark: East Village, San Diego, California

Benchmark: Mt. Vernon, New York (PDF)

Benchmark: Buffalo, NY: Downtown Development Guide (PDF)

Benchmark: Asheville, NC

Benchmark: A very detailed, county-wide, planning document, Orange County, FL

Resources On The Web

Strong Towns


Other Utica-area Benchmarks

The July 2018, Utica Marina RFP put out by the City of Utica

Property and business owners in the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood have created "BUD". We are working with other dedicated Utica-area residents for a Better Utica Downtown!

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