BUD: Our Neighborhood Today

We are the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood in Downtown Utica, roughly 50-acres in size; our 19 blocks are shown below. Our neighborhood is not yet branded, but our history is rich. Today we support 40+ different businesses and a variety of Historic Buildings

Get to know BUD's neighborhood, it's located next to; the Utica AUD, Police & Courts Campus, and close to many downtown assets...

Today our effort is called "BUD"; we will further develop our brand as we become a more desirable place to do business, visit, and live.

We are surrounded by other neighborhoods whom we will both work and grow with; Genesee Street Business Corridor, Bagg's Square, The Art's District, and The Brewery District. To the west is the new 5/8/12 roadway, we have the AUD across from our Public Safety Block, and we're a short walk to Union Station to the north, and close to the Utica Library and So Much More

Our main plan is to connect with other Utica Neighborhoods, as well as redevelop our assets. As time goes by and our vision is acted upon, Downtown Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood will offer great urban living options as we've started to list with our Vision for the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood.

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