442 Lafayette Street

Utica, NY 13502

January 12, 2024 - Oneida County demolished 442 Lafayette Street in June of 2022, after seizing it using Eminent Domain- to build a Parking garage near the new Wynn Hospital. The county offered $59,000, but owner Brett Truett contends the property was considerably more valuable.

An appraisal dated September 2023 by Colliers determined 442 Lafayette Street was worth $175,000. However, Oneida County ignored this and simply countered with $99,000. How does one except $99,000 when a "limited access" property, with considerably less vaule at 14 Liberty Street, sold for $120,000?

As the COLA Neighborhood was erased and the hospital construction started, two remaining property owners created redevelopment plans. Truett's was called 442 Med-Health. The plan illustrates this property was worth a GREAT deal more as a "highest and best use" must look to a Income Capitalization Approach valuation.

View the 442 Med-Health plan; such a development compliments both the new hospital and the John Carton Medical Building (PDF) proposed for parcels at 418 Lafayette Street.

June 17, 2021 - Community investiment, revitalization of historic buildings...

We could not agree more! Add creative placemaking, the Wynn-BUD plan will do that and more, Wynn-BUD: Better Hospital, Better Neighborhood, A Better Utica Downtown!

June 10, 2018 - Excited to have Larry Sharpe and Andrew Hollister in Utica this past Sunday...

Also, to hear them both on our local radio station here: #SharpeHollister2018 On TALK! 100.7 FM. Yes, we need a "New, New York", and a "Better Utica Downtown"... and NOT a hospital district!

A look back in history...

Read more about the History Of 442 Lafayette Street, Utica, NY.

May 28, 2018 - Happy Memorial Day from 442 Lafayette Street...

You may learn much more about this property's neighborhood and history here, Spotlight on a Landmark: History of 424 Lafayette Street, written by Michael Lehman, AIA .

Please attend our Open House on June 7, 2018 at 6PM. The Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood does not warrant wrecking balls and bulldozers, it is a critically positioned Connecting Downtown Utica Neighborhood!

The neighborhood is actually alive, with a new Car Rental Agency as well! It is a debate, but redeveloping old buildings is happening and can continue to happen. Another example, the old Norm Seakan TV & Appliance becomes a public market.

Read our developing History of 442 Lafayette Street page.

February 2018 - Four story "Row House" (Read the, Philadelphia Encyclopedia On Row Houses), connects to Carton Avenue at rear, an original Erie Canal cobblestone street...

This home houses a one-man upholster shop, who repairs and makes new seats for the Adirondack Railroad, which sits on a Narrow Lot Measuring 26' Wide x 132' Deep, or 3,450 s.f. (0.08 acre).

The property is undergoing an ownership change, whereby a new owner is positioning to challenge the hospital concept in court, along with other property owners.

Another project, suitable to revitalizing the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood, would be this In-fill Condo project, as well as the Jone Building.

BetterUticaDowntown (BUD) Says: "You will see how the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood will be further developed to Become a more desirable place to do business, visit, and live. You'll learn how we will work with other Utica Neighborhoods to develop increased "connectedness"

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