Utica Central Park

Destruction of historical buildings in CoLa was a terrible idea, but a "super block" hospital is even worse. BUD is advocating for a large park, Utica Central Park...

Surround te park by creative infill, Presevation, walkability, and more downtown Living options.

February 18, 2020 - Downtown Utica has many plans, Historic District Designations, and Building Codes that are being ignored; Gateway Historic Canal District, Rust To Green's "Community-driven placemaking in Upstate New York cities endeavoring to transition from post-industrial “rust” to “green” resiliency," plus "Upper Floors" (Page 1 & Page 2), DUDA's Main Streets, and Downtown Utica Residential Market Potential, plus a Master Plan, and more.

A sprawling hospital ignores them all- and is also not an effective neighborhood connector! The Utica Central Park would offer a venue for; The Great American Irish Festival, Fourth of July fireworks, preserve the option for and support parade routes, a large Boilermaker gathering place, hosting the Heartrun, as well as the Ride for Missing Children.

What about an area for a dog park? Utica's growing downtown population is already in need of this. A large park would support trees and green space that would go a long way to; lessen flooding, absorbing sounds, improving downtown air quality, and encourage recreational activties that keep people healthy. Learn more, read, The Economic Benefit of Downtown Parks.

Modern living options with a mixed use commercial project...

Formerly Dental Systems Group, this project is suggested for 601 State Street. Let's introduce more people and greater density with projects like Kennedy Plaza Apartments, and the Lofts At 502 on State Street. Such developments would bring back the Columbia Bar and the apartment that were very recently still into the Fall of 2019.

We can even finally add Utica's Proposed Hilton Inn as orginally proposed in Utica Urban Renewal project No. 1.

January 13, 2019 - Great cities have great central parks...

Consider... "With more than 400 parks and gardens, Paris is already winning as the greenest capital in Europe, but that’s not enough. Paris wants to go one step further and build an immense, new suburban forest that will be five times bigger than New York’s Central Park."

There's also St Anne’s Park in Ireland that's attarcting more residents, just what businesses need, people living their lives in their downtowns...

And as for their hospitals, well having a great hospital close is ideal, however nobody wants to live next door, nor too near one. And really, who seeks to cut through a hospital district with 80,000 ER visits and thousands of parked cars?

We are not opposed to a new hospital, but bulldozing the entire Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood is a mistake. Build a new hospital at St. Luke's within Utica's current #OneidaCountyMedicalDistrict!

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