Boilermaker 2019

While the new hospital has altered much of the Columbia-Lafayette (CoLa) neighborhood, a couple Erie Canal-era buildings remain, specifically 418 Lafayette Street. Let's save this building and create the Utica Boiler-Maker Heritage Center.

The Wynn Hospital has demolishhed a large part of our Downtown Utica Neighborhood called Columbia-Lafayette Street (CoLa). It's here where the Boilermaker Road Race name can trace its roots.

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1st... there's a Lawsuit to place our new hospital onto the St. Luke's campus at the OCMD.

2nd... please Join Us Today!, were 3,000+ strong on Facebook!

3rd... learn and share story of the Boilermaker's Name.

We're not opposed to a new hospital, just do not bulldoze Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood... "Build It At St. Luke's!"

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