Meet Noted Author: James Howard Kunstler

Tuesday, May 1, at 6PM
Fort Schuyler Club

* * * For Immediate Release * * *

Utica, NY, April 27, 2018, Our Downtown Utica group, Better Utica Downtown, request the interested public, media, and area leaders to attend a Tuesday, May 1, 6PM talk by noted author, James Howard Kunstler. Location is the Fort Schuyler Club at 254 Genesee Street. All sides of issue are welcome, pro, con, and undecided, or "not my issue"!

Mr. Kunstler will offer his outlook on the “built environment” of towns and cities. Uniquely qualified, after intense study and writing; The Geography of Nowhere, “Because I believe a lot of people share my feelings about the tragic landscape of highway strips, parking lots, housing tracts, mega-malls, junked cities, and ravaged countryside that makes up the everyday environment where most Americans live and work”. As well as his book, Home From Nowhere.

In this book Kunstler's discussion continues with an emphasis on the remedies, a portion of which appeared as the cover story in the September 1996 Atlantic Monthly. Mr. Kunstler’s next book, The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition, was published by Simon & Schuster / Free Press, and is a wide-ranging look at American cities and abroad; offered as an inquiry into what makes cities great, or miserable, and in particular what America is going to do with our “mutilated” cities.

Our groups have not overly-prepared Mr. Kunstler; having only spent no more than 30 minutes on the phone together and suggesting he read our groups’ websites and media stories surrounding the proposed new hospital. Please prepare for a lively presentation and discussion as we all await Mr. Kunstler’s review of the downtown hospital concept.

Media outlets may contact Brett Truett, calls/txt at +1(315) 794-0401, for limited press interview times prior to, or just following the speaker’s presentation.

Also plan to listen-in to Utica radio stations the following morning, Wednesday May 2, as radio engagements have been set into motion.

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Gather more information at, for a complete bio, as well as connect with the author’s Facebook page by searching KunstlerCast.

This is another event brought to you by concerned property owners, residents and fellow "downtowners", all seeking a new hospital at the St. Luke’s Campus, and not in Utica's Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood:

We're not opposed to a new hospital... just don't bulldoze Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood... "Build It At St. Luke's!"

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