BUD: Is Not Against A New Hospital!

Hospitals are critically important and very necessary community assets. BUD is all for new hospital buildings, however BUD's Vision for the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood will show we do not have room for a large medical facility. Especially when Utica already has the Oneida County Medical District.

Why would a city preparing for growth, investing vast amounts of money on a brighter healthcare future, place its only hospital just 1,400 Feet From A CSX Mainline? FACT: Upstate NY Has Regular Derailments.

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Residents are only getting more vocal, not against hospitals, just this one's location!

Downtown Utica is better without a hospital district, nobody moves downtown to live in this type of development...

Please watch the following video, and listen to Bill Corrigan Sr. Founder Of Wilcor International in Downtown Utica speaks On Utica Hospitals & Downtown

Downtown Utica has a big opportunity. It is one that many have already started, or begun to take advantage of. The trend can be read about in many cities across the county. The story of Utica's opportunity is told in numerous articles, like this Downtown Detroit sales prices rise to 'insane' levels. Please help BUD size upon this trend for Downtown Utica.

From Curbed: "Planting a seed and positioning a project as something that can help bring back a city has both a positive PR spin as well as great potential for growth, since walkable urban centers have been a sure bet in recent years."

BUD says the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood is prime Utica real estate! Work and or live while close to; Banking, the AUD, Hotel Utica, the Stanley, MWPAI... and just a short walk to a multitude of great restaurants and bars in re-emerging neighborhoods surrounding us.

As time goes by and our vision is acted upon, Downtown Utica's Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood will offer an even better place to do business, visit, and even secure a great urban living option!

Urban living is an upward trend, and has many benefits that are attractive to young professionals, empty nesters, and older residents alike. We're BUD, and we're here to help you understand our vision, and how you can help us to create a Better Utica Downtown.

However, hospitals are not ideal neighbors; you want one close, but not too close. So BUD would like to see the hospital improved at the St. Luke's and Faxton Campus locations.

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