"CoLa": A BIG Part Of Downtown Utica

BUD is representing a BIG portion of Downtown Utica, the CoLa Neighborhood, and it is a very productive one - with over 40+ Businesses!

We're posed to do even more, first by protecting our streets and alleys, the street grid, Historic Buildings, and CoLa's existing businesses. Next we'll embark on our bigger Vision.

Downtown Utica has been returning to prominence, key properties in the Columbia Lafayette Neighborhood are posed for acquisition for reuse and redevelopment...

BUD wants to change some minds! Yes, the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood needs some work, however listen to our message...

So let's put energy into the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood. With energy and a plan, BUD will develop our neighborhood just as Bagg's Square and Varick Street have. Connect with BUD on Facebook and Twitter

Positioned in the center of Utica's rebounding neighborhoods, the Columbia-Layette Neighborhood is prime real estate:

As mentioned above, but it bears repeating, Downtown Utica's CoLa Neighborhood is Home To 40+ businesses. As City Common Council President states, "Utica Has A Lot To Lose".

We'd love to hear from you, feel free to E-mail BUD Also, connect with BUD on Facebook and Twitter.

Our friends at #NoHospitalDowntown have also been working to stop the hospital concept threatening our neighborhood, and They've Collected Many Voices In Opposition.

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