Wynn-BUD Initiative
Plan of Action

Design components of the Wynn-BUD Initiative

Wynn-BUD Checklist

The checklist below includes; completing The Wynn Hospital, downtown parking garages and surface lots, and numerous steps to create a much better hospital neighborhood. Also included is the establishment of a "Business Improvement District" (BID).

A BID board would oversee and advance historic preservation, neighborhood development and safety, and insure integration of the new hospital campus wiith downtown's other neigborhoods, for both residents and visitors alike. Read on, or return to Better Hospital, Better Downtown homepage.

The following action items will be detailed further as the Wynn-BUD Initiative advances. As wlll timelines, budgets, and discussions on the responsible parties...

Phase I

• Call-off eminent domain

• Develope Wynn-BUD Business Improvement District (BID), mission statement, neighborhood design guidelines, etc.

• Redesigned Public Safety Campus: Enhanced, Expanded & Security Increase For Utica Police Department & Utica City Court,

• New roof on 442 Lafayette Street

• New, historically accurate, roof on 418 Lafayette Street

• Design hospital parking garage at west end of hospital and implement, see the Wynn West Parking Ramp

• Design Lafayette Street Cul-de-Sac new sidewalks, hospital drop-off areas, and then implement

• Design Cornelia Street, sidewalks, drop-off at hospital and implement

• Rebuild State Street and sidewalks

Phase II

• Land transfers, as the Enterprise Car Rental parcel is shifted westward and expands

• Design Greenspace of the Wynn-Utica Gateway Park with walkway between Carton Avenue and Cornelia Street

• Redevelopment of Carton Street, rename to Carton Lane (?) with historic markers

• Seed vacant lots, post "For Sale" signs and market to developers (create map and key)

Phase III

• Parking lot developed at former Urbanik’s Paint parcel (temporary until later infill development)

• Parking lot developed at 418, similar to that surrounding Hotel Utica, with cobblestone connector to Carton Avenue

• 442 Lafayette Street; old windows removed, brick exterior repointed. Continue site preparations and planning to honor Utica's Erie and Chenango canals and downtown's living environmewnt of that era.

• 418 Lafayette Street; old windows removed, brick exterior repointed. Continue site preparations and planning to honor Utica's Boilermakers.

• Façade program for Maugeri’s on State Street

• There's more, see Key Projects of The Wynn-BUD Initiative

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We want to work with new hospital, first step, do not bulldoze more of Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood! Help inact the Wynn-BUD Initiative.

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