The Wynn North Parking Ramp (WNPR)

A design component of the Wynn-BUD Initiative

Offered below are views of the Wynn North Parking Ramp (WNPR) concept positioned on Utica's Public Safety Campus.

The ramp is constructed on land currently surface parking for the Utica Police Department, Utica City Courts, and land formerly home to H.J. Brandeles Corp. Prior to the demolition of H.J. Brandeles (the building at bottom of image), the property looked like...

The parking ramp footprint (green) represents 77,400 square feet...

Such a parking facility would be centrally located to; The Wynn Hospital, Adirondack Bank Center at the Utica AUD, future Nexus Center, City Courts, Hotel Utica, and downtown businesses...

Additionally the WNPR would be directly opposite a proposed medical office building (MOB) contemplated along the hospital service yard.

To calculate spaces within the garage footprint, a 325 square feet per car standard was used. Learn more and view renderings of the Wynn North Parking Ramp, or view the draft WNPR Flyer.

The WNPR could compliment the proposed The Wynn West Parking Ramp. Other Possible Parking Ramp Footprints were also considered.

Another design component of the Wynn-BUD Intiaive is the Wynn West Parking Ramp (W W P R).

View the preliminary illustration of The Wynn-BUD Initiative or jump to the draft Action Plan. The Wynn-BUD Initiative is reaching out to hospital project partners, the media and the Utica-area community regarding the future of Utica's new hospital neighborhood.

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