Wynn North Parking Ramp (WNPR) Details

A design component of The Wynn-BUD Initiative

An arial view of the Wynn North Parking Ramp concept...

Another view shows size and position of Wynn North Parking Ramp (green) surrounding the city court and police station, with The Wynn Hospital in the background...

Here are preliminary specifications, features and options of the Wynn North Parking Ramp, based on 330 sq feet per car*:

(1) Ground Level: Vehicle enterances/exits on Lafayette Street and or Broadway. Parking for 235 cars with internal driveways and ramps to upper decks. Pedestrian exit to north on Pine Street walkway, along police station leading to the Adirondack Bank Center.

(2) 2nd Level: 235 parking spaces.

(3) 3rd Level: 235 parking spaces.

(4) 4th Level: 235 parking spaces.

(5) 5th Level: 235 parking spaces.

These capacities total 1,175 vehicles, but alternatively 2 levels equals (470 spaces), 3 levels equals (705 spaces), and 4 levels equals (940 spaces). Five parking levels predict structure height of 55 feet, slighhtly taller than the hospital's third floor at 50 feet.

Optional pedestrian walkway(s) include possible connections to; (a) The Wynn Hospital's second floor podium, (b) a future Medical Office Building (contemplated on Lafayette Street, along hospital service yard), and of course the Adirondack Bank Center/Nexus.

Elevated walkways could also be placed between the Wynn North Parking Ramp and both the police station and city courts.

Another design feature would be to construct this garage so additional levels could be added in the future, as demand and or budgeting allowed.

Although not fully detailed in the above images, a security and or parking facilities office is envisioned on the top level- on the corner of Lafayette Street and Broadway. Capping off the Wynn North Parking Ramp and overlooking the downtown neighborhood could be 60 by 60 foot (3,6000 sq ft) expansion of the Utica Police department, adding another conspicuous structure to downtown's revitalization.

Although the Utica Police Department relocation study wasn't released to the public, a media report titled Utica Police Considering A New Home envisioned an entire new police station on top of the Kennedy Parking Garage beside City Hall. Perhaps a larger expansion of the UPD could be integrated into the Wynn North Parking Ramp?

View the draft Wynn North Parking Ramp concept flyer.

* Professional architects and designers may wish to vary the "square feet per parked car" space standard, see discussion here: Ref.

Another design component of the Wynn-BUD Intiaive is the Wynn West Parking Ramp (W W P R).

View the preliminary illustration of The Wynn-BUD Initiative or jump to the draft Action Plan. The Wynn-BUD Initiative is reaching out to hospital project partners, the media and the Utica-area community regarding the future of Utica's new hospital neighborhood.

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