The Wynn West Parking Ramp (W W P R)

A design component of The Wynn-BUD Initiative

The Wynn Hospital is some two years away, and it's been stated a parking garage (or parking ramp) is of paramount importance. Earlier we offered Alternative Parking Garage Locations, as opposed to the large garage concept shown in the MVHS FEIS Site Plan.

Offered below is a slightly more detailed look of a parking ramp called W W P R (Location 5 Here), that's positioned immediately west of The Wynn Hospital...

W W P R is one-half, Part "A", of the MVHS FEIS concept and shifted 350 feet in a generally southwestly direct. Here are preliminary specifications, features and options of the Wynn West Parking Ramp:

(1) Ground Level: Provides near identical traffic flows for Emergency Department arrivals, both self-driven patients and ambulances. Walkways into hospital for ED guests and staff.

(2) Parking for Emergency Department ambulances/first responders, ED staff and doctors.

(3) Entrances, driveways, and ramps to upper decks

(4) 2nd Level: 175 parking spaces

(5) 3rd Level: 175 parking spaces

(6) 4th Level: 175 parking spaces, and a raised helipad

(7) Option A: 2nd level pedestrian walkway(s) to; (a) The Wynn Hospital, (b) future Medical Office Building, and (c) State Street Mill said to be underdevelopment and targeting healthcare clients.

(8) Option B: Prominent signage and or mural artwork areas on State, Columbia and Lafayette Streets

Additionally the location of W W P R places “a roof” over ED entrances and parking, and speaks directly to what was recently stated by MVHS CEO Stromstad on July 13, 2021 - “Having a parking garage for the new hospital is still essential, health system President/CEO Darlene Stromstad said. It will provide “convenient and protected” parking for patients and visitors, many of whom are elderly or sick, in the often unpleasant upstate weather, as well as for staff and doctors working the overnight shift,” she said.

Another design component of the Wynn-BUD Intiaive is the Wynn North Parking Ramp (W N P R).

View the preliminary illustration of The Wynn-BUD Initiative or jump to the draft Action Plan. The Wynn-BUD Initiative is reaching out to hospital project partners, the media and the Utica-area community regarding the future of Utica's new hospital neighborhood.

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