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Central-East (CE) Block Group

Containing 19 acres, the Central-East block group is bookended at the south by City Hall, and to the north by the Utica Police and Courts Campus. Utica Urban Renewal bulldozed much of the neighborhood. Towards the middle, on Columbia Street, a planned Hilton Inn never materialized.

City Hall Block

Mohawk Medical Equipment
335 Columbia Street

Utica Paint Building
301 Columbia Street

City Hall
1 Kennedy Plaza

Bosnian Mosque
306 Court Street

Wilcor Block

Wilcor International
333 Lafayette Street

Fisher Auto Parts
327 Lafayette Street

Dacobe Enterprises LLC
325 Lafayette Street

Metzler Printing Inc
317 Lafayette Street

Former Norm Seakan TV & Appliances
340-366 Columbia Street

The Jones Building
336-338 Columbia Street

The Haberer Building
326-334 Columbia Street

Clemente Block

Clemente Novelties
301 Lafayette Street

Bengee's Tavern
300 Columbia Street

Teasers II
308 Columbia Street

Former Morehouse Appliances
310 Columbia Street

318-320 Columbia Street

Public Safety Block

HJ Brandeles
300 Lafayette Street

Utica Police Department
413 Oriskany Street, West

Utica City Courts
411 Oriskany Street, West

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