340-366 Columbia Street

Former Norm Seakan Tv & Appliances
340-366 Columbia Street
Utica, NY

July 8, 2019 - Sad day, "Everything must go, they want to build a hospital..."

The auction is just a small sad step in MVHS's real estate scam; meet the Hammes Company.

Better yet, let's plan for a day when the Hospital relocates and join us in restoring the CoLa neighborhood properly.

November 11, 2017 - This property has wonderful potential, BUD will get it done...

November 4, 2017 - Some say "You are stuck in the past!" We say, "No, the opportunities we see (and "yes people" can't) are actually what people returning to downtowns want." Read, Why Historic Preservation Needs a New Approach, and understand buildings like 340-366 Columbia Street...

... can be returned to what it once was, behold Bergers Department Store. It wasn't naysayers that brought down Bergers, but a city Urban Renewal plan that buildozed the neighborhood to the south. Learn more at Urban Renewal, Utica, NY.

Another adjcent building is eye'd for redevelopment too, the The Jones Building at 334 Columbia Street.

We're not opposed to a new hospital, just do not bulldoze Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood... "Build It At St. Luke's!"

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