Parking Garage Timeline

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Hospital Parking Garage Timeline

November 19, 2014 - Words “new hospital” first heard by public, Mohawk Valley Health CEO: New Hospital 'Worth Exploring'

September 22, 2015 - Public hears, Downtown First Choice For New Hospital

April 3, 2016 - Newspaper reads, Decision Made: New Hospital To Be Built In Downtown Utica

August 18, 2016 - Our View: Be Transparent On Hospital... "Parking: The Project Will Include One Or Two Parking Garages; Officials Are Leaning Toward Two So That One Can Be Reserved For Staff And Visitors, While The Other Could Be Opened To The Public After Business Hours."

November 3, 2016 - Downtown Hospital Price Tag Downsized... "A parking garage — with an estimated cost of $27 million — was taken out of the plan. The garage is essential, but health system officials believe that third-party ownership of the garage makes sense. Perra said officials have received indication in “a very meaningful way” that someone is interested in the project. The garage might very well also serve Utica Comets hockey fans and patrons of new downtown businesses."

January 9, 2017 - Architect, Construction, Manager Named For MVHS Hospital Project... “A parking garage or two and at least one medical office building also would be constructed in the neighborhood.”

July 25, 2017 - Warning To City: No Garage, No New HHospital... "If There's No Garage, There's No Downtown Hospital," Steve Dimeo, President, Mohhawk Valley EDGE

August 21, 2017 - Garage Agreement Likely Downtown Hospital Probable... Utica mayor signed MOA, and yet on June 23, 2021 former Common Councilman Mario states, "Mayor Palmirei had MOU/MOA two years prior to signing." [Ref.] More on the Hospital Funding Timeline.

August 22, 2017 - county utica reach tentative deal on downtown parking garage... "Without the county-city financing for the garage, the hospital project cannot move forward, according to several people associated with the planned hospital.”

November 16, 2017 - MVHS Unveils Site Plan For Downtown Utica Hospital

December 7, 2017 - MVHS Hospital Forum Shows Downtown Divided... “The $480 million hospital will be built on a 25-acre campus with a parking garage, a medical office building and five parking lots in the neighborhood of Oriskany, Columbia and State streets and Broadway.”

June 7, 2018 - In first public hearing on the MVHS SEQR, The Mohawk Valley Healt System attorney Ms Bennett of Bond, Schoeneck & King briefly explains the SEQR process. Next she introduces MVHS consultant, regional vice-president Mike Solak, of the Hammes Company, where he states...

“A brief description of the project is what is contemplated as a 673,000 square foot acute care hospital, multi-story, containing services such as operating rooms, emergency department, labor and delivery, behavioral health, inpatient beds. The bed count is approximately 373 beds. And it is contemplated to be having cardiac services, which some of the beds will be of a CCU/ICU configuration. And there will be some multiple buildings associated with the campus eventually, including a parking garage, but currently this project is contemplating the hospital structure. Thank you.“

August 8, 2018 - “Oneida County Earmarks $500,000 For Downtown Hospital Parking Garage”

September 1, 2018 - Parking garage for proposed Utica hospital lands design firm

“…according to a joint statement from Palmieri, County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. and Scott Perra, the health system’s president/CEO. “The preliminary concept would accommodate 1,650 spaces, which at that size would cost an estimated $41 million,” the statement says. “Final design, cost and financing details are being worked out by a joint city-county project committee, and a proposed plan will be presented to city and county leadership in the near future.”

October 10, 2018 - Oneida County approves design firm for hospital parking garage

November 6, 2017 - C.O.N. Application Submitted

June 9, 2021 - Oneida County Provide $2.5 Million For Utica Parking Garage Design

June 11, 2021 - Utica Backs Away From Funding Agreement For Utica Hospital Parking Garage

June 24, 2021 - Downtown parking: Utica, Oneida County spat over hospital garage only part of the problem

July 13, 2021 - How deal to fund Utica NY downtown hospital parking garage fell through

July 22, 2021 - Palmieri announces plans to sell Kennedy garage in Utica; Picente, MVHS caught off guard

January 11, 2022 - Utica Wynn Hospital Parking Garage Court OKs Use Of Eminent Domain

February 10, 2022 - Utica Wynn Hospital Parking Garage Cost $10 Million More

The proposed parking garage(s) and surface parking lots do not have approved site plans. Also a helipad appears to have been added to a garage's upper level, this would require FAA approvals among other permiting.

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