BUD: Comments For A Hospital-Free Downtown

Many people have spoken-out to support the Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood of Downtown Utica. Many are based on a desire to Protect Downtown & Historic Buildings and keep healthcare where it makes more sense...

Public Deserves Answers

Downtown Needs A Better Plan

NOT What Downtowners Want

Who will afford new Utica hospital?

We don't want you to dig!

Public TV: MVHS Debates #NoHospitalDowntown

We have a lot to lose

Annex the St Luke's Campus' 64-acres

St. Luke's Should & Can Expand Onto Current Hospital

Hospital Goes Against Master Plan, Zoning

Politicians Should Work Together To End Concept

Hospital Opposition Top 2016 News Story

We Need Government Transparency On Hospital

No City Eminent Domain Hospital Concept

Ill-conceived, Urban Renewal-style Concept

Activists Picket Community Leaders

Downtown Resident Seeks Meeting With Bassett

No One Really Cares For The Taxpayer

"Critical Connectivity" Would Be Lost

Are There Two Diffrent Downtowns In Utica?

An Oneida County Taxpayer Is Concerned

Downtown Should Be A Place To Shop & Dine

Hospital Needs Answers

Former Hospital Board of Member Questions Downtown Location

Oil Trains Are A Real Danger

Try To Protect Historic Properties

Hospital Makes No Sense Downtown

Hospital Downtown Make No Sense

Three 150 Year Old Homes, Side-by-Side

Two Unions, One Ill-Advised Board

What Buildings Should Be Saved?

You Are Losing The Sense Of Place

Was It Ever About Healthcare

Newspaper Calls For Hospital Transparency

Downtown Businesses In Limbo

Hospital Footprint Presses On Businesses

Old Buildings, Often We Learn Too Late

Are They Trying To Scare Us Away From Our Properties?

Hospital Issue Belongs On A Ballot

Foolish Behavior

A Downtown Utica Hospital, But At What Cost

What Are We To Believe In?

On Hospital, Who Gets To Decide?

With Each Day I Move Closer To Moving Away From Utica

Let's Work To Save Utica's Rich History

Two People Dispute Hospital

Bicyclist Says No To Downtown Hospital

Bad Handling Of Potential Displaced Business

New Hospital Means More Taxes

Utica Doesn't Need A New Hospital

Downtown No Place For New Hospital

Nothing To Gain With New Hospital

Landmark Society Sees Much History In Hospital Footprint

Two Newspaper LTE Question Hospital

No Reason To Build Downtown

Doctor C. Max Speaks Out Regarding Downtown Hospital

Radio Hosts Hospital Debate

A better plan is possible, that's the BUD mission, a Better Utica Downtown!

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