227 Oriskany Street West

Eggers Caryl & Corrigan
227 Oriskany Street West
Utica, NY

January/February 2023 - Read SPOTLIGHT ON A LANDMARK: History of 227 Oriskany Street West, Utica, NY.

May 2021 - Buildings posted for sale, see For Sale: Eggers Caryl & Corrigan, 227 Oriskany Street West, Utica, NY.

The building size measures 33,976 sq ft. City of Utica, tax map ID’s are 318.42-2-1.0, 318.42-2-2.0, 318.42-2-3.0 and 318.42-2-4.0. Addresses on Oriskany Street are 227 and 221, on Broadway they are 405, 407 and 413.

227 Oriskany Street West, Eggers Caryl & Corrigan

This group of buildings: Formerly home to "Munson Bros. Millstone Factory" (c. 1868-69), now ocuppied by "Eggers Caryl & Corrigan")". See SHPO USN 065-40-0073 in the MVHS SEQR.

May 19, 2017 - The two buildings at left in image below are where Eggers Caryl & Corrigan operations are...

Originally a rope manufacturer, Munson Bros. Millstone Factory, in the canal days, now the waterway is Oriskany Street.

We're not opposed to a new hospital, just do not bulldoze Downtown Utica's Historic Columbia-Lafayette Neighborhood... "Build It At St. Luke's!"

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